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TransService company (NEK Group) – provides services in the fields of  transport logistics  and international shipping.  Through the years of constructive cooperation and long-term partnership with major — aviation, marine, rail and truck carriers,  TransService company  provides  transportation of any cargo for medium, long and intercontinental distances.


We deliver cargo to and from  China, the Ukraine, Eastern and Western Europe, America, Japan, Australia, Middle East, Central and South-East Asia. Range of freight services, provided by the TransService company covers almost all areas of the industry.  The expansive network of our logistics partners in almost every country around the world enables the TransService company provides customers full range of services, in accordance with international standards.



. Airfreight

. Trucking

. Rail way freight

. Consulting, delivery

. Door-to-door delivery

. Marine and inland water freight

. Multimodal transporting

. Transportation  of heavy and oversized cargo

. Certification

. Warehousing

. Insurance

. Customs services




All the calculations of shipping costs are adjusted to reflect customer wishes. Trusting our flawless reputation, you gain real benefits for your business.

TransService company do everything necessary to select the most cost effective route to ensure you a high quality service.

Serious approach, high competence and professionalism of TransService team guarantees absolute safety and in-time delivery of your cargo and it allows to flawlessly execute even the most complicated order!

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