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Cargo marking

Labeling and packaging of goods is the starting point of ensuring that your cargo will be delivered safely and securely. Through the use of the correct type of packaging for the type of cargo and intelligent marking, warehouse workers will be able to understand how to deal with the cargo, without damaging the contents. By skilled labeling and packaging of goods, your cargo will remain intact, and safely reach its destination.


Marking is the application of informational signs, special signs, labels, tags, symbols and other marks on products, packaging or containers. These symbols are internationally accepted standards, expressed in an intuitive visual form.


Goals of  cargo marking:

  • Information about the contents of the package;
  • Minimizing  risk of damage to cargo;
  • Recommendations for careful handling during loading,  unloading, unpacking, transport and storage;


Proper marking speeds up delivery of the goods to their destination.


Types of  goods  marking:


  1. Product:  name, packaging plant, the number of order and attire, date of issue and type of products.
  2. Sender: data about the name of the sender and consignee, the points of departure and arrival times, number of packages, gross and net weight;
  3. Traffic marking of goods:  serial lot number, number of packages and their number in the party according to the transport document;


Специальные предупредительные надписи и символы, которые говорят о правилах обращения с грузом, его хранения, перевозки, погрузки и прочих манипуляций.


International Marking standards of goods:

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