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Containers and Packaging

Cargo packaging is aimed to protect your goods and keep valuable content from any negative effect and damage. When the product arrives with the same quality and appearance — it's not a surprise, it is the norm. Improper packaging – leads to damaged goods –resulting in financial losses.


Asrequired we will manufacture wooden crates, because wood   is the most simple, affordable and at the durable packaging. Transservice’s production department takes orders for boxmanufacturing from plywood, boards, fiberboard and can undertake the reliable packing of cargo into the manufactured box.Our packaging materials are produced in Chelyabinsk. We understand the importance of your cargo, so the wooden packaging is made of quality materials according to national  standards of the Russian Federation


Materials for box manufacture


  1. Plywood with thickness from 4 to 12 mm
  2. Cargo Packaging from DWT: hardboard, thick 3,2 mm
  3. Boards with thickness 20-35 mm
  4. Frame container, made of planks 30x30, 25x30, 25x40 cm.


Our experience in Chelyabinsk shows that the largest demand is light and durable plywood.


The cost of packing goods


  • The cost of a container  (Chelyabinsk) will be calculated on the amount of material  used;
  • Minimum order for cargo packagingone box
  • Length of production - from one working day  (depending on order size and availability of required material in our warehouse).


Our flexibility allows us to customize different board combinations fitted specifically to your unique packaging needs. If required we can manufacture  wooden boxes with slots, inserts, metal fixtures and fittings to make the  box  stronger  and more practical. We are ready to make cargo packaging to hold labeling, insurance and registration documents, to work for air and road for any distance, to simplify warehousing  and tracking of cargo.


Product samples:

Fiberboard  box. Wooden crate. a wooden box.

Additional information


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