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Transportation of cargo in containers, wagons (open wagon) and on platforms:

  • Calculation of railway rates;
  • Development of optimal door-to-door cargo delivery schemes;
  • Providing Railway containers for loading / unloading at the  warehouse of a shipper / receiver;
  • Cargo transportation in containers and wagons of different types;
  • Delivery of goods to and from Europe in Railway containers;
  • Full range of services for sending / receiving  containers to railway stations in  St. Petersburg,  Moscow, Vladivostok and other Russian cities;
  • Door-to-door container delivery including customs control;
  • Monitoring  Railway cars and containers en route with regular information to the client;
  • Consolidation and storage of cargo in train station warehouses;
  • Returning empty containers;
  • Security, including armed security and cargo insurance.

Goods and  luggage transportation:

  • Destinations: more than 200 cities in Russia;
  • Calculation of tariffs;
  • Document  execution;
  • Cargo reception  at the railway station and delivery to the customer’s warehouse;
  • Development of optimal schemes for»door to door» cargo delivery;
  • Cargo insurance.

(!)  Transportation of oversized and heavy industrial goods, consultation on current transportation regulations.

(!) Elaboration of loading schemes for oversized and heavy cargoes and coordination with involved railroads.

(!)Filing  all types of rolling stock for shipment.


Carriage of Goods by Rail


International shipping and Railway container transportation – is the most cost-effective and relatively inexpensive form of transportation provided by  TransService. TransService provides international freight transport by rail, both across the Russian Federation and international rail transportation of any goods to the Ukraine, Europe, Middle East, Central and South-East Asia.

TransService guarantees the shortest routes for Railway cargo delivery to any station appointed by the freight owner, insurance and customs clearance of cargoes, cargo consolidation and financial support to clients.

We have the experience to provide optimal and reliable options for the carriage of goods by rail and we can successfully expedite your international Railway freight. All carriage of goods by rail is conducted in strict accordance with the train timetable. Rail transportation of goods can be made both in direct and in mixed traffic.


Transservice’s strong partnerships and business cooperation with the major commercial carriers contributed to the best and most effective solution of cargo transportation by Rail and provide the company's clients with the most favorable conditions for rail freight.

Transservice prides itself on our serious approach, high competence and professionalism allowing us to guarantee absolute safety and on-time delivery of your cargo.  Transservice will flawlessly execute even the most complicated order!

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