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We provide a full range of cargo shipping, including chartering of vessels, route optimization, and monitoring progress.

Features of Marine Shipping:

  • Reliability;
  • Low price compared to other transportation options.


  • Container transportation in 20 ', 40' and 40 'High-Cube containers, as well as transportation of oversized cargo in special Flat Rack and Open Top containers;
  • Affreightment (chartering freight vessel);
  • Oversized cargo transportation;
  • Approval of the draft transportation plan to Centre for Corporate Transport Service of Railway Ministry;
  • Collaboration with the well-known carriers such as P & O, MAERSK, CMA CGM;
  • Jobs in seaports;
  • Stevedoring, releases, ensuring the return of empty containers;
  • Informing the customer about the progress of the work;
  • Develop optimal routing through the ports of Russia and determining the cost of transportation;
  • Multimodal (container / vehicle) transportation through the ports of Western Europe and others.;
  • Port forwarding, reception, storage and handling of cargo in ports, loading / unloading of a vessel, and the preparation of export / import documents;
  • Transport of goods by cutting tariffs «door to door» for a transport scheme.

Transservice’s network of offices and affiliates allows us to provide customers a full range of services in countries of departure in addition to cargo shipping:

  • Land transportation;
  • Agency services and treatment in the port;
  • Customs services;
  • Storage.


Shipping to any location in the world with TransService.

International marine transportation is one of the main ways to transfer goods to states with sea and ocean access. Up to 80% of all world trade is carried out by sea, and international freight employs 90% of the world fleet.  Russia is not an exception to this rule. Sea freight from Russia accounts for more than 60% of the total foreign trade turnover. Sea-going vessels are capable of carrying thousands of tons of cargo at a time, which helps keep the cost of sea transportation low. High safety and intercontinental transport make shipping by sea popular.

TransService maintains long-term contractual relationships and partnerships with the administrations of sea ports,ship owners, and companies that provide the most favorable conditions for carriage  by sea and river and that maintains a standard of rapid and efficient problem-solving for  international marine transportation.


All shipping cost calculations are adjusted to reflect customer wishes. International Marine cargo delivery timetables are regulated by the relevant international treaties and agreements.  The TransService team is constantly monitoring the movement of cargo and is ready to provide to the Customer with a full report on the whereabouts of the goods and the date of their arrival at the destination port by email or phone.


A serious approach, high level of competence and professionalism of  the Transservice Water Transport  team  guarantees full safety of your cargo, on-time delivery and allows us to complete any order, even the most complicated!

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