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Organization of cargo handling

Loading and unloading operations require a certain knowledge, experience, skills and specialized modern technology which the specialists at TransService are ready to provide.  Professional loading and unloading minimizes the time and provides accurate and correct positioning of goods in transport or storage.


Stages of cargo handling

  1. Calculation of mass and dimensions of the cargo.
  2. The choice of techniques depending on the type of cargo. For large and oversized cargo using specialized equipment.
  3. Professional load securing ropes, spirited bars and railings are utilized. By creating a secure fit, immobility of the cargo is achieved.
  4. Handling is in accordance with safety regulations.


Unloading of cargo takes place after the removal of fixtures, and if necessary, the unloading area can be  fenced off.


Handling equipment:


  • forklift (lifting capacity — 5 tons);
  • Gantry crane, a working area (S) 6000 m2 (lifting capacity — up to 10 tons);
  • Electric car (lifting capacity — 1,5 tons);
  • Tower crane MSK-10/20, with working area of 2000 m2 (capacity up to 10 tons) — can be used on construction sites, move cargo, not only upward but also inward.
  • Gantry Crane KK-20/30 with working area of 1800 m2 (capacity up to 20 tons);
  • Overhead cranes (under cover) — the working area of ​​1200 m²;
  • Crane KRAZ 257 COP 4561A (capacity — 16 tons) — used for loading operations of oversized, overweight, or containerized cargo.


The cost of the organization of cargo handling is calculated based on the number and type of equipment the number of staff required and the complexity of work. To calculate the cost of services, refer to the company’s manager.

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