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Airfreight -  is the fastest way of transporting cargo of any size. Airfreight gives you time for things which are more pleasant than waiting for  cargo.  Also airfreight accelerates the business process, ensures receiving goods on time, adding profit to your bottom line.



Transservice provides services   for both  scheduled and chartered flights:

Our expansive network of logistics partners covers almost every country in the world. Additionally, we deal with all leading airlines in the world.


International Air Freight:

  • Door to Airport — Cargo delivery from the warehouse of  the Sender to any airport in the world;
  • Door to Door — Cargo delivery from the warehouse of the Sender to the warehouse of the Receiver;
  • Airport to Airport — Cargo delivery from the airport of departure to the airport of destination;
  • Airport to Door — Cargo delivery from the airport of departure to the warehouse of the Receiver.


Our International Air Freight services include:

  • Transportation of cargo regardless of weight or dimension in both near- and far-abroad countries;
  • Cargo Insurance;
  • Tracking and freight forwarding;
  • Marking of goods for international air transportation;
  • Customs clearance of cargo at any  destination airport;
  • International air freight export and import of cargo with delivery from  the airport of arrival to the warehouse of final destination. Door to door delivery services;


Attention! Bonded truck shipment:

We will deliver your imported goods under customs control according to customs transit procedure from the airports of Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Yekaterinburg to the destination airport or bonded warehouse most convenient for the recipient. Customs clearance of goods at the destination city is the responsibility of the recipient.


Air Freight in Russia:


  • Доставка груза от склада Отправителя до любого аэропорта мира;
  • Доставка груза от склада Отправителя до склада Получателя;
  • Доставка груза от Аэропорта отправления до Аэропорта назначения;
  • Доставка груза от Аэропорта отправления и доставка его до склада получателя.

Air Freight  services inside  Russia include:



  • Route optimization across the Russian Federation;
  • Urgent  Air Freight of cargoes across  the Russian Federation utilizing the next availableflight without any downtime or storage;
  • Registration, packaging, labeling and transportation of cargo to the airport;
  • Cargo Insurance;
  • Trucking and freight forwarding;
  • Additional trucking service from the airport of arrival;
  • Consultation on the legal framework and air transport issues inside Russia;


Additional services:

  • Charter  air  transportation;
  • Air transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • Air transportation of perishable goods;
  • Transporting of cargoes requiring special conditions of transportation;
  • Organization of transit and multimodal transportation;
  • Information support of cargo en route;
  • Optimization of traffic terms and payment conditions;
  • International transit and transfer services;
  • Special conditions of delivery for regular customers.


Transportation of dangerous goods:

All cargo in the airports is thoroughly checked by the security services.

If your cargo is considered dangerous, we will assist you with providing a special declaration.

While transporting plants, cargo goes through the phytosanitary control, even within the Russian Federation.



Cold-resistance. The baggage compartment is not heated, so if your goods (e.g. flowers) lose commodity value due to freezing, we will help to insulate them.


The value of  your shipment:

According to the rules approved by the International Air Transport Association, if your goods are not declared as valuable cargo,  in cases of  damage, loss or forfeiture  the airline pays the sender compensation, based on the rate of $ 20 per kg of paid weight, but no more than the actual value of the goods.

Calculating the cost of air freight


According to rules of IATA, cargo weight is thelargest of the two indicators. Weight  calculation of cargo is realized in two ways: 
Physical weight =  cargo weight in kg.



Volumetric weight =

1) length x width x height (cm) / 6000 (cm3 / kg)

2) 1 kg = 6000 cm3

3) 1 m ³ = 167 kg





Pay attention to the dimensions of your cargo!


While sending your cargo in baggage holds of passenger aircraft the limitations are defined by the capacity of the luggage section and the size of hatch of the aircraft. However, the sizes of hatches are given only for reference and do not always correspond to the dimensions of cargo suitable for air shipment.

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