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Cargo Insurance

General policy VSK cargo insurance

№ 1171713G00756


General policy Rosgosstrakh cargo insurance number

№ R-57450010-71-2-000003-11


After carefully conducted research of the insurance market, TransService chose only those insurers whose conditions offer the best balance of price, reliability and quality.

Your cargo may be provided with the maximum reliable insurance protection and optimal cost of insurance.

Working under this guideline, you get:

  1. Consultations on insurance issues;
  2. A choice of several insurance companies;
  3. Optimal pricing for insurance products;
  4. The possibility of developing individual schemes of insurance;
  5. Reduction of time in searching for and contracting with a suitable insurer.

What differentiates an insurance agent from an insurance company:

  1. The insurance company only offers its services, while TransService offers services of several companies;
  2. An insurance company can be easily turned to your opponent when an accident happens but TransService — under any circumstances, will defend your interests;


Insurance companies offer standard pricing, while TransService offers optimal tariffs.


Insurance of cargo

– While insurance is optional, it is a very necessary procedure for all goods, irrespective of their method of transportation. Despite all the efforts of the carrier, unfortunately, economic loss may occur. You should be insured in advance from damage, loss of cargo, its destruction or other situations.


Calculating the cost of service «Cargo Insurance»


The insured sum includes the cost of goods + cost of customs clearance and transportation costs, the cost of profit which was lost due to insurance cases and other expenses (on request).


Insurance rate – is the percentage of the insured sum, depending on the type and volume of cargo transportation and conditions of storage.


The period of insurance of carried goods is from the moment of handing over the goods to the carrier's liability, and lasts as long as the cargo is under the responsibility of the carrier during storage, transportation, loading and unloading operations. The period of insurance of goods by the carrier shall be completed only when the cargo reaches the destination.

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