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Multimodal transportation


Modern international freight transportation by road, rail, sea or air is one means to facilitate development of economic relations, trade and transportation between countries. Individually,  these modes of transport are unable to meet all the requirements of shippers which are:

• compliance with designated freight speed on the route;

• delivery of the goods at the destination at exactly scheduled time;
• one hundred percent safety  of cargo and its useful properties;
• providing information about cargo location in transit;
• increasing  the economic efficiency of freight traffic;
• providing a full range of services in freight forwarding, customs support, temporary storage and material handling to cargo owner.

So multi-modal transportation is often the best form of international cargo transportation and meets all the requirements listed above. This mode of transportation is mostly needed when there is no direct connection between the origin and destination of the goods, such as intercontinental traffic. Multimodal transportation allows TransService to use all the advantages of each transport mode and deliver goods on-time to their destinations with the least expense. Years of constructive cooperation and long-term partnerships with major — aviation, marine, rail and truck carriers, allows TransService to transport your goods  for short, medium and intercontinental distances.

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